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People HABB Helps

With more than 300 new applications annually it’s evident that a growing number of people need somewhere to turn when, through illness, newly diagnosed disability, or difficult circumstances, they can’t cope financially. HABB prides itself on being there for countless people, many of whom have nowhere else to turn.

These are some of the people we have recently been able to help….

Rebecca’s Story

Rebecca’s employers ghd recommended she contacted HABB when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. We made her a beneficiary.


Sam’s Story

Sam was born with cerebral palsy. His family needed to adapt their home to include a lift for Sam and we were able to donate some of the funds.


Megan, aged 26

Megan has twins, one of whom is disabled.  Keen to get back to work and support her family, Megan enrolled on NVQ Level 2. She was unable to find the money for the kit and asked HABB for help. HABB provided this and Megan has now written “I would just like to thank you for helping me to acquire the hairdresser starter kit. I am so happy that I can continue to train and eventually become a fully fledged hairdresser”.


Isobel, aged 62

Isobel’s husband has terminal cancer of the liver. She has been forced to give up her hairdressing career to become his carer, but little income and endless trips to the hospital (with its expensive parking) have left them struggling financially. Isobel applied to HABB for support and we have been able to make her a beneficiary.


Emily, aged 52

Emily has been a hairdresser for 19 years and owns a salon jointly with a friend. In 2006 she developed Multiple Sclerosis, and had to stop working and now just does a “back office” role. She finds mobility increasingly difficult and wanted an assisted cycle to help her get around. HABB contributed £500.00 towards this.


Max, Theo & Ben

These 3 children (aged 15,11 and 10) were referred in 2009 by Plymouth council . They had been put into care due to their parents chaotic lifestyle (drug and alcohol misuse). The Grandmother took them in. She had worked in the industry for 36 years and gave up her business to care for the children on a full time basis. HABB provides financial support for all three children.


Matthew, aged 7

Matthew’s father died of lung cancer in 2011.  His mother, Liz,  applied to HABB for help with her husband’s funeral costs and heating oil.  HABB made Liz and her son beneficiaries of the fund Liz has now returned to work,  but  HABB continue to support Matthew.

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